"February 22, 1998 was the most striking date of my life: the realisation of a prediction made by Hadj Mamadou to my aunt when I was 16 years old: 'Khadija: I see the future of your offspring beyond the Ocean, he will go on to live among the Toubabs. For that, you have to sacrifice a red rooster and 30 cola nuts'.




"Coming from the migrant community, my personal journey allows me to recognise that housing is the keystone of good social integration. I was lucky enough, during my journey, to meet some remarkable people and these encounters gave me the chance to be accompanied, not only in taking steps for housing and other endeavours, but also to benefit from spiritual support."

Françoise, December, 2011

By Françoise Moukwa Zegele
Born in the DRC, I divided my youth, during my studies, between Belgium and the Congo.
But in 1987, events forced me to settle permanently in Europe, on my own with five children aged between two and twelve years.

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