Back in Europe after having lived more than half my life in several countries in Africa and in various activities, I discovered, recently, a very sick France, like other European countries. Most likely sick because of the economic and financial crisis, but mainly sick in their culture: the fear of foreigners and xenophobic exclusions cause people to close themselves off which is dangerous today, and especially for the future.

"The world is changing and so are we, and we need to understand what should be changed deep within ourselves: on the global scale, to make globalization and humanity go hand in hand."[1] 

Beyond immediate assistance to migrants, the Josefa Foundation has the ambition to work on this "living together", which is undoubtedly a major challenge of our time.

"In my small village, roosters crowing announce the morning. People wake up bright and early and start moving towards their farms, in particular the corn fields which are the most important ones because they are considered the main source of cash crops and food besides fruits and vegetables in the area.




"I cannot avoid watching all these men, these women, glimpsed at the crossroads of the world, at the heart of my many trips, where many have invited me, welcomed me, when I was alone, sometimes hungry. It seems to me that the time has come to welcome in return those who come to ask for hospitality. So many faces from Africa, Asia, America or elsewhere, so joyful or so sorrowful, encourage me to focus on migrants, homeless people who, like me, like us, in this land, are going to the eternal home. But on the way, we still have a long way to share, in Brussels, in this foster home of peace, security, love, which we want to build together."


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