"The Josefa project is like me: the idea of ​​having a space for housing, praying and being quiet at the same time, is the dream of many; but when one has taken refuge in a foreign country, this dream is much more difficult to achieve. However, the Josefa Mission wants to make this dream a reality. It would be a great opportunity to work for and with Josefa to live this reality with those that the Josefa House is pleased to welcome."


Dear Jacques,

Following your words relating to the logo of the Josefa Foundation (www.josefa-foundation.org), I can only applaud your watchful eye on Josefa, at a minimum on its logo...




"Having considered the mission of the Josefa Foundation, I would like to personally wish you much success in the realisation of the housing and refugee hosting project. By focusing on the whole person, on both their material and immaterial needs, the Foundation contributes to the sustainable integration of refugees in our society, to a living together, and to a positive spirit of change. This project is a great initiative and I support it with all my heart."

Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council.

"Encouraging you in your mission, the Pope prays for you and for your associates, and blesses you and the people you are close to with all his heart."

Vatican, Monsignor Peter B. Wells.

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