In contact with so-called migrant people, I am aware of their personal wealth: courage, determination, commitment, and just as much, I see how hard it is for them to be recognised, in their own identity, in their personal importance.

And so, I encountered the fear of the unknown or failure, the feeling of inferiority, as foreigners, or rather because they did not know how to communicate or understand others. Many of these difficulties, which relate to a psychological insecurity, an embarrassment in appearing as a foreigner, fundamentally question their identity.

It is true that, because of migration, over time, individual and cultural identities are weakened. This uncertainty in one’s identity, this instability certainly evolve from one generation to the next; but the young generations and the future generations will have to live permanently with these identity challenges.





The Josefa foundation: its mandate seems essential to me!!

I have always thought that the welcoming of the most uprooted has to be made in the most aesthetic places or environment possible

Is it necessary to change the economic methods or the economic end? What is the real issue for our "economic dialectic"? Whom or what do we want to serve ?

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