Our friendly meeting opened wide many doors which I thought were often just ajar…

We know how to talk about both physical and geographical migration. From this point of view, I can be considered a migrant person…

First of all I want to thank you for our meeting. It was very interesting and I have been thinking about it ever since. I am in Orval for a week of vacation and fasting. That meeting with the intuition of Josefa has fallen into good soil, and this is probably not an accident: it has produced plenty of fruit!

What struck me first about your endeavour was this issue of migration: we are all migrants and, in order for a genuine encounter, no one can ignore one’s own life path, one’s own travels. I heard it and I saw you testify about it (in the project’s content, but also already in its maturing experience), I even saw you live it (be it in your attitude during our exchange).

For me this is an important lesson. I "knew" it, but by applying it to the refugee experience in the intuition of Josefa, you give to this "law of life" words, a strength, a scope and a requirement that are new to me.



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