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No doubt, as did the major milestones of our thousand-year-old history, the large masses of people currently migrating across our planet are bothering us: they are disrupting our habits and our living conditions, the well-adjusted rhythm of our individual lives as well as of our administrations and our organizations; in particular, the images which we see on television and all that we hear and read in the media profoundly upset our minds and our ways of thinking, and divide our societies in two – those for or those against the migrants who are arriving from everywhere. They close or open our hearts

I am a student at the Université Catholique de Louvain, studying International Relations and my goal is to become a humanitarian aid worker. On September 1st, 2015, I began my internship at the Josefa Foundation.

Inspired by the desire to "help others", in this particular case the person made vulnerable by his or her forced migration, I was far from imagining the change, and would even dare to say the "migration", in thought that the Josefa Foundation would lead me into…

It was through a very gradual process, through the reading of fundamental texts written by the Josefa Foundation, through periodic meetings and, especially, long personal exchanges with Gilbert, that the real face of Josefa appeared to me, beyond the charitable works that one might expect of any number of philanthropic endeavours or actions… 

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