On several occasions, I wanted to take a pen (or a keyboard) and share the wealth of experience that living at the Josefa House has brought me over the past year. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to describe the intensity of my experience and my gratefulness for this year spent among other "migrants"...

"Healthy people are sick – they just don’t realise it": this witticism from Jules Romains' play, "Doctor Knock, or the Triumph of Medicine", can be broadened and extended to fields other than health, in society, the world, in our personal lives...

Isn’t Europe experiencing what is called in philosophy the migration of the "I" towards the "We"? At the Josefa Foundation, we are experimenting with the thinking, saying and living of our vision "Migrants, all of us", which is a demanding task, since the Age of Enlightenment marked our way of thinking and our language with a particular form of "I" and since, in the 20th century, Nietzsche annihilated the "I" with nihilism

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