Josefa in words

Josefa tells us: "All of us, migrants"

From our birth to our death

We become migrants, we are migrants,

And even before, and even after

The verb to leave, like the verb to go, is one of the most common: we use it all day long, without paying much attention to it: "I'm going to work..., to school..., shopping..., we're going on vacation..., I went to the mountains...". It indicates that we are always moving: we could say that our existence is a permanent migration. But, of course, these daily departures are not deadly

I have always seen myself as a pilgrim who walks, step by step, at his own pace, towards his destiny, towards his final destination. While I knew the word "migrant", which has been suddenly thrust in the news for the past ten years by politicians and the media, it was not familiar to me. I preferred to use two terms that were related and more precise: "emigrant", the one who leaves his or her country and becomes an "immigrant" when he or she arrives and settles in another country

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