The Josefa Foundation invites us to take part in the adventure of Academia Josefa "a blog about our migration"; an adventure that started in February 2019 with, to date, the participation of around twenty authors in the writing of original texts relating to "our migrations" … 

With Academia Josefa, the challenge remains to permanently register the Josefa vision in the societal field according to various discourses, sources of surprise, in human sciences, economics & politics, philosophy & theology and arts & culture.

As a reminder, the Josefa Foundation has a fundamental intuition that, by nature, as human beings, we are all migrants and that every migration is unique. Our migrations are at the heart of our human condition; they make our human history.

Josefa offers a new way of dealing with migratory phenomena, with their description or their perception, according to its vision and according to its daily experience within the Josefa House in Brussels.

Vision: "All of us, migrants" according to a desired comprehensive approach (physical, psycho-intellectual and spiritual) and respecting each person's uniqueness.

Mission: The Josefa House is at the service of a conversion of outlook regarding our migrations. Within it, live around thirty co-residents, migrant(s), and multiple proposals, social, cultural, faith-based.

Since the spring 2020 lockdown, the Academia Josefa has wanted to let its voice resonate according to themes inscribed in the footsteps of our migrations. The first theme will be: "Next to you, language".

It is within the framework of our “exile(s)”, post-lockdown, that we invite you to join us on Academia Josefa.

The editorial board

Last modified on Thursday, 17 September 2020 11:44

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