Josefa appears

In December, in Brussels, the face of Josefa was displayed on "bus shelters". Any updates?

Josefa chose to make its presence known while Nations were gathering around the Global Compact for Migration in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Through its poster: "All of us Migrants", Josefa wanted to challenge us. Migration concerns all of us, together, and not just a "category" called "migrants" discriminated against by the media, politicians, socio-economic stakeholders. No! This designation is unfair and reductive. Even for noble and humanitarian reasons, it is not good to reduce a part of our humanity to a reductive qualification. History has already shown us how difficult it is later, if not impossible, to destroy those walls, those boundaries that enclose us in an arbitrary "identity".

No! We are all Migrants and not just certain people named "migrants".

In addition, Josefa emphasizes our totality of being. It is not possible to speak of "migration" without using a global approach: physical, psycho-intellectual and spiritual. Our migrations are not limited to what technocrats, academics and even humanitarians seem to dictate for others, thus creating a "migrant" economy.

No one can be excluded from the migrant condition of our humanity. Josefa appears, shows itself, challenges and proposes a radically renewed path: We are all fundamentally migrants. Yes! This is the source and meaning of our humanity.

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