Opening the door, you and me, together

26 Drapiers Street. A big, heavy wooden door. I get ready to open it. What a surprise when this door effortlessly leads to a part of the Middle East and other parts of Africa or Europe...

The Josefa House, in my experience, is firstly about twenty or so people creating an enjoyable place to live.

The Josefa House is about returning home from work in the evenings and stopping in the kitchen to laugh, talk, take in one or more games of foosball.

It’s about Mondays: gathering around a big table in a friendly atmosphere to share a meal. And what a meal!

It’s mainly about the people: I’m learning some Arabic (but my pronunciation still needs improvement!), and others are learning French. The conversations are rather enriching, I can assure you.

The Josefa House is about hospitality. Whether or not you are in a hurry, if you pass in front of the kitchen or go to a neighbour’s, you are warmly invited for a cup of tea or to share a meal.

It’s also about small projects and bigger projects, like the screening of a movie or an afternoon of activities organised for children.

Living in Josefa is about experiencing whatever comes your way. It can be a neighbour playing the accordion, another telling jokes (in this case, the same joke being told several times), finding somebody on the roof because there’s a leak, enjoying a piece of cake left in the kitchen, some "light painting" at 11 pm, and many other events.

So, I thank everyone at the Josefa House for their warm welcome and surprises.


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