Migration, a still small voice

What if all of us dared to (respectfully) view our migrations as a still small voice, central to our history...

What if, beyond the drama of our exiles, which the majority of us barely perceive, during these special times, we tried to perceive the sound of a still small voice.

Perhaps through our senses we would be asking ourselves the question of "Why?".

Why and for whom are we on a journey, to achieve what end?

It’s as if a meaning were offered to us, despite everything, by the fact that we were astonished and that we listened. Like a gift opening on a memorial act planned in our present: a pause in the face of the advent of our paths, our journeys, our migrations.

Our migrations would then become themselves a still, overwhelming small voice, refreshing our certainties, our human, too human beliefs, in permanent quest for a world ever more perfect (by and for some of us, of course!).

The stakes, the challenge, the opportunity would be that our migrations become, even for a brief moment, a still small voice.


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