A "positive" outlook on migration

If I make the effort to slip into the shoes of a so-called "migrant", because I want to be the ideal and perfect host, the one that all hosts dream of being, who would I be? Someone else? Or myself in a more positive light? Resulting in a personal growth that is successful, well-coached and well-marketed

In fact, a "positive" outlook on migration may seem naive or, worse, contrived and fake; or is it rather a very strange form of accounting?

Is it an approach based on indicators that reflect my own judgment and that of my hosts, or is it a well-established system based on the "going rate of a person", a "man’s worth", concerning the "market", the economy, of migration?

To attempt to have a positive viewpoint on migration is to see migration as a eugenic challenge whereby the chosen one is the one with the best guarantees, pledges or assets for the so-called "hospitable" community. What a dangerous program! What a strange marriage!

Would it not be better to just live our migration, simply, without calculating, without expecting to find an ideal meaning?



Last modified on Monday, 18 December 2017 10:21
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