Albert Camus reminds us that apart from a few holy exceptions, in each of us lies a little Meursault, "The Stranger". We can certainly identify ourselves, tell our story through a résumé, a LinkedIn profile, a Web page, a blog, or even an expression, the result of a long psychotherapy or of another resilient life path, but would we really be able to relate our share of strangeness, our share of difference, our share of uniqueness, that have taken refuge inside ourselves?

Our politicians, who are experts in public life, are wondering what profile a migrant/asylum seeker/refugee should present in order to have an ethical and sustainable integration potential.

It is traditionally accepted that, apart from returning to one’s country of origin or integrating into one’s host country, resettlement is one of the three durable solutions "offered" to the more than 10 million people registered as refugees in the world. So, what is this solution, presented as one of the three options available for people in situations of forced exile, and is it really a solution ?

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