To date, the news in the Middle East, the influx of migrants on European, especially Italian, shores, and in Calais, the growing diversity in the population of European cities, like Brussels, these are situations, among many others, that call for a change in our perception of migration and migration flows, particularly in Europe...

Why does the European Union hesitate to establish mutual recognition of asylum decisions?

It would be an important and significant step in building a common European asylum system

Isn’t the use of the term migration in the first place the subject of a blatant and criminal human hypocrisy? Who is on which side of which border? Who are we (from a "better" side) to deny the moving of the other (from a "worse" side), my human alter ego, not less or more migrant than myself in this world? Who among us does not come from some place other than where they stay, lodge, live, dwell?

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