Summoned to migrate

Following our human history, a (certainly simplistic and subjective) snapshot is proposed to us here of our "common" journey

The classic school of thought (cf. the current economy). A discriminating qualification attributed to some: "the migrants"; summoned to be "migrants" whom some defend, accompany, want to welcome, protect, promote, integrate or who want them to have a right to migrate… in the name, sometimes, of a "romanticism" or "pacifism", while others oppose it using various arguments that are labelled, in a simplistic way also, "populist" or "nationalist".

The Josefa breakthrough: summoned to migrate (cf. our humanity). The Josefa vision: "All of us, migrants", according to a deliberately global approach (physical, psycho-intellectual and spiritual) for each of the persons that we are, for each one in his or her uniqueness, by favouring the cultural and faith-based dimensions attached to our migrations.

A horizon of capabilities. Reconciliation of the "political" approaches! The personal experience and the transforming entrance into "our migrations" to the best of their strengths of real-life vulnerability or, at least, of those that have been identified.

Actually, the invitation of the Josefa Foundation, following the experience and the migration of the Josefa House, since 2015, has built itself up by freeing itself from predefined migratory routes, but without denying the memory of our origins or traditions, diverse though they are.

For Josefa, the time has come to convert (the way we look at) our migrations: our responsibility is at stake (cf. summoned to migrate), today and towards future generations.

All together, migrants, in respect for the uniqueness of each one of us.

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