In order to view migratory flows in a positive light,categories like "man, woman", "master, slave", "Jewish, heathen" need to be revisited. Of course, when a person who suffers a forced migration enters a host society, he or she cannot conceal (for very long) his or her physical, psychological and/or spiritual status

It is certainly dangerous to "overcategorise" or promote the use of a "universal" framework when each individual’s uniqueness should be respected; nevertheless, at the current stage of the history of mankind, subjected to postmodern, technological or media influences, it seems that once again migrations evoke the characteristics "Jewish, heathen", "man, woman", "master, slave".

Indeed, today more than ever, we can only achieve a peaceful coexistence by fully recognising the qualities and differences within each individual.

Therefore, what do the historical events of our migrations offer, among other limitations? At least we should be questioning a dialectic on migration which cannot be separated, over time, from an ongoing tension between a break-down and a continuity within an inevitable human hospitality. A hospitality to be freely experienced and built, as each person is viewed in their uniqueness and, undoubtedly, for the benefit of all: man serving man on the basis of this foundation: you, like me, we are migrants!

To return to "one's homeland" using an alternate route... When it comes to being exiled, thinking of ​​returning home can last a moment or forever... 

Pustinia, or desert in Russian, and Philokalia, love of beauty in Greek. Pondering, experiencing and combining the two together. It seems difficult not to see one without the other. Solitude and Beauty...

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