Are refugees, in our society so rich and privileged, so confident, so proud of its sense of hospitality, not a means of mutual conversion ?

Are refugees not the messengers of our post-modern times, the new prophets who cry in the wilderness, inviting us to change our attitudes ?

Is it not important to let ourselves be affected by the coming of the men and women who tomorrow could welcome us or welcome our children, if we were to flee from our damaged, bankrupt society ?

Josefa is, first and foremost, about an encounter, an encounter between an inspiration and individual harmonics. Thus, starting in September 2011, when a few people met at the request of Gilbert Granjon, a project grew and it became a charitable foundation in June 2012: the Josefa Foundation was born.

The freedom and dignity inherent in every person should be expressed through the intelligence and memory, emotion and will, that exist in each one of us: therefore the full development of human beings is linked to the growth of their physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

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