In 1960, Abbé Pierre spoke of the three bombs which, according to Einstein, were then threatening humanity. First, the atomic bomb, a real threat at the time, during the Cold War; then, the demographic bomb, an uncontrollable increase in the world population, with its famines, unemployment and conflicts; and finally, the most formidable and unexpected one: the information bomb

We all know that at the heart of today’s news stories, numerous conflicts divide peoples, and refugees are a painful reminder of this: they endure physical suffering; are forced out of their homes; or sometimes pay the price with their lives. Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Somalia, Central African Republic, Lampedusa, Greece, and many other lands, remind us of this everyday

When we do not really know where the boat comes from, where it is going, what is the meaning of the wind that arises, of the clouds that are gathering, of the rain that is running off or of the thunder that is rumbling…

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