Migrant... and beyond

Is there possibly a migration beyond our migrations? A destination, a port, a house beyond our human transportations?...

What if our migrations were to derive their ultimate meaning, their "apocalypse" (unveiling), beyond their historical reality. In fact, using our human reality, our logic, it would be very difficult for us to perceive that which is good in our exiles, in our migrations which lead us too often to the desert or the depths of the sea.

If we listened more to our migrations, contemplated them more deeply, we would discover a reality other than "our reality", and overcome our fears. Migrating would then not be limited to a human, violent, deadly tragedy, but, over time, would allow us to think about the beyond.

So, by pushing back the "borders" of our migrations, hope and freedom will prevail. Migrant in a more human sense, towards an in-finite beyond; with a renewed confidence and an unexpected blessing as a fertile horizon.

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