It is true that even in the most perfect and strongest of families, it is essential not to confuse one’s earthly house with the final dwelling, the birthplace of our destiny, where we are going back, beyond earthly life, beyond death.

However, in our world, everyone is looking for a stable place for themselves, their family, their children, where it is possible to live, meet and welcome each other. This house is certainly not the eternal home, but it is, for a time, sometimes for life, what we make of it, what we want it to be.

In this new fiscal year, we are happy to share with you, active or potential contributors, that our business plan is available on request, as well as the associated fiscal note. These documents were prepared with the cooperation of consultants from PwC.

To realise its mission to contribute, through housing, to ethical and sustainable integration, as well as to the full development of refugees, the Josefa Foundation included in its statutes the objective to acquire and to fit out a real property.

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