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In the middle of this year, 2020, the Josefa House is waking up at the threshold of a new spring. So many changes have occurred since May 2015, when the door of the buildings on Drapiers Street in Ixelles opened to the Josefa adventure…

Material dimension: since September 2018, the Josefa House has undergone a transformation, a change, in order to provide accommodation for thirty-two people and communal spaces: kitchen, living rooms, multimedia library, meditation space, poustinia, psycho-spiritual space. These "material" spaces thus offer co-residents a "habitat", and to people passing through they offer "places" with the possibility of getting a taste of or experiencing fully our migrations.

Over the months, over the years, since 2015, the Josefa House has been enriched with words and silences exchanged between residents, between people passing through, with each other, during a meal, a workshop or during house maintenance work. A domestic life with diversified linguistic or cultural accents.

Spiritual dimension: the Josefa House vibrates according to the harmonics of various voices. Since 2015, the cultural space has known different forms of artistic or aesthetic expression: exhibitions, concerts, dance workshops, conferences, creative workshops... In this year 2020, there are new stages, new proposals. Each and every one of us is therefore invited to join in: creating, participating, listening, looking inside and on the threshold of the Josefa House. For an artistic experience, for some dialogue between spirits, for a meditation or a time of prayer.

In fact, these events may open the door to times of inspiration.

Certainly, whatever the material/temporal and/or spiritual dimension, the issue for the Josefa House remains that of freedom. To each his or her migration, considering that each migration is unique and a source of human plasticity.

This journey, experienced since 2015, will undoubtedly continue on Drapiers Street with the arrival of new faces with new perspectives. But it should also be deployed along the way through the construction of the second Josefa House project. Welcome to all of us in these spaces of freedom where the Josefa spirit wants to be.

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