Josefa… A House and more; a hotchpotch

No quantifiable, measurable objectives: no path or patterns of this or that…; no subsidies given for an expected result…; no goal to be achieved in order to treat or save a particular cause or solve a given problem

A presence-absence; gestures; a construction/deconstruction.

A loneliness, solitudes, solicitude… A counter-current.

Concerts; exhibitions; conferences; housing; discussion groups on philosophy, theology, politics, workshops, etc.; a use-lessness.

Migrant experiences in a migrant house; languages; silences.

Dances; music; children; paintings; sculptures.

Actors without directors, without a text.

A score without a key;

A House; a name, Josefa.

4 years; births; sorrows; joys; exiles; sums of vulnerabilities.

A story and stories… In short, questions…

The Josefa House is in Brussels and you are welcome, for a moment or for a longer time, a time of migration between two migrations.

Last modified on Wednesday, 11 December 2019 09:24
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