So, what’s happening with the Global Compact for Migration? What’s new in regard to my "migrant" condition? Am I still seen or considered as the "other", or do you and I finally perceive ourselves as "migrants"?



Born a migrant

At a time, in Europe, in particular, when the subject of "migration" is on every politician’s lips, and when, leading up to Morocco, the Global Compact for Migration continues its preparations, it seems that, with every passing day, "migration" is more and more "sacred"...

It's as if everybody was trying to voice their opinion on "the subject" without really getting to the heart of the issue.

Certainly, some of us, at some point in time, will experience a migration said to be "forced", an exile, in which one’s freedom will be greatly restricted; certainly, some of us seem to have or to give themselves the authority to speak about "it", but, in the end, who, better than I, can speak about my journey, about my migration?

Actually, wasn’t I born a migrant, the product of a migration which preceded me up to the day of my birth? I entered into a history of humanity where my journey and my life can only be "migration".

Therefore, to varying degrees, you, like me, are experiencing this fact, this reality of being born a migrant.

And, besides, radically, too often tragically, our migrations make our births real.

Then, without further delay, without an academic or political explanation, I will be able to be in tune with our migrant condition, yours and mine, without excessive hospitality, but simply recognising, like you, that I was born a migrant.


At a time when countries are going from one migration to another with respect to "asylum" and "migration", at a time when the Global Compact is being developed, Josefa is joining in with other nations at the table.

Josefa declares: "We are all migrants" and "We believe in a global approach". How does this differ from the group of nations that support the Global Compact?

Well, Josefa considers that we are all, in our uniqueness, migrants. Not "migrants" in a negative sense but migrating beings. I am, you are, he is, she is, we are, you are, they are "migrants" in a positive sense, without reduction or projection. Global Josefa, unlike the GCM, understands that each person, each migrant is a unique and complex individual, and takes into consideration the social, economic, cultural and spiritual aspects of each individual. In other words, according to all human dimensions, named or unnamed.

So, the "GCM", what do you think about the Josefa Global Approach for Migration(s)? Feel free to let us know, without delay.


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