At a time when countries are going from one migration to another with respect to "asylum" and "migration", at a time when the Global Compact is being developed, Josefa is joining in with other nations at the table.

Josefa declares: "We are all migrants" and "We believe in a global approach". How does this differ from the group of nations that support the Global Compact?

Well, Josefa considers that we are all, in our uniqueness, migrants. Not "migrants" in a negative sense but migrating beings. I am, you are, he is, she is, we are, you are, they are "migrants" in a positive sense, without reduction or projection. Global Josefa, unlike the GCM, understands that each person, each migrant is a unique and complex individual, and takes into consideration the social, economic, cultural and spiritual aspects of each individual. In other words, according to all human dimensions, named or unnamed.

So, the "GCM", what do you think about the Josefa Global Approach for Migration(s)? Feel free to let us know, without delay.




Anonymous migrants

Being called a "migrant" usually indicates that I am a stranger, a foreigner, and socially and culturally different from the so-called host community.

Is this view of me intended to maintain or create a border between those who call others "migrants" and myself?

Isn’t it strange how some people are called "migrants" and others "citizens"? What on earth are we talking about?

I find that this labelling ignores a very human reality: that we are all migrants; to varying degrees, of course, but we are all migrants, just as we are all human beings.

In fact, I think that those who unjustifiably consider me a "migrant" don’t realise that they too are migrants. They are anonymous migrants who have not yet opened the door that will lead them to their migrant being.


Today, Europe is dealing with a challenging situation, with hundreds of thousands of exiles arriving at its doorstep or with nowhere else to go. Certainly, these people will be taken care of, somehow or other, but the European states are not really prepared, Europe is not prepared, neither materially prepared to share its resources nor mentally prepared to keep track of the present-day crisis

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