At a time when current events rhymes with tax evasion, it would probably be good to note that talking of evasion is a freedom reserved for some and that other people, forced to migrate without their property, are deprived of this freedom.

Unless hiding one’s assets, burying them in the ground, is a contingency reserved for a few worldly fortunes.

After 18 months of strategic building, action-research, validation, development of partnerships, the time has come for Josefa, in 2013, to implement.

As stated in the 2012 annual report, the Josefa proposal has been validated both locally and internationally.

So the time has come to do otherwise, and to find a property that would become the Josefa House. While welcoming the proposal of a property is a step, welcoming contributions or investments to convert a potential into a reality is another one: it is the present of Josefa.

While already lying dormant in the minds and hearts of some of us, we received it as a gift in the course of the initial meetings of the Josefa Foundation’s founding members.

It offers itself to us, to you, and invites us to dwell in it.

Josefa, as a name, refers to a person, the person, because the Josefa Foundation intends that the human person be at the heart of its mission.

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