Spirit of Fundraising

The Josefa Foundation is not intended to redistribute financial resources, but rather to invite the sharing of human and material resources. Today, the Josefa Foundation continues to raise funds and seeks a contribution from those who see the value of an operational commitment to migration, housing and integration. It takes the liberty to do it, in accordance with the spirit of hospitality underlying its fundraising.

By contributing to the Josefa Foundation, we therefore share a vision and a mission related to the welcoming of refugees, within the Josefa House, which we will build together. The challenge lies in the change of perspective towards migrants. This perspective is renewed when we accept, deep within ourselves, that every man is a potentially vulnerable migrant.

The Josefa Foundation believes it is up to us to turn our differences into a mutual enrichment, in line with our mutual contributions. To nurture this vision, the Josefa Foundation is looking for people, businesses, or institutions that are determined to accompany it and thus contribute both physically and financially, with a spirit made sensitive to the issue of migration.

The Josefa Foundation proposes to add value to those contributions and give meaning to the person who would take ownership of its vision and enrich it, in turn, by his or her presence.

The Josefa Foundation extends an invitation to live out an ethical and sustainable relationship between contributors around the Josefa House, a real estate and hospitable project in itself. Each contributor can accomplish a strong philanthropic gesture, but he or she can also become an agent who takes part in the change of perspective that the Josefa Foundation offers, at the very heart of its fundraising.



Supply and opportunity

The Josefa Foundation is looking for volunteers attracted by the Josefa spirit and by the opportunity to share their ambition to help renew our vision of migration, by bringing their skills and expertise to the Josefa dynamic.

Thus, collaboration proposals are welcome for administration and finance, translation (Dutch), real estate and fundraising.

Your contact by e-mail or telephone will allow us to enter into a dialogue and ascertain our mutual expectations, between supply and opportunity, to serve the Josefa Foundation and its mission.






Money and others

Who could imagine that speculation money saves in a gesture of sharing and hospitality?

This is one of the current challenges of Josefa! That one meets the other on the waves of the stock market.

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