Participating, contributing, and, better still, investing: making a commitment to change the world becomes an opportunity.

I do not lose my soul by making a commitment towards Josefa, I gain it. I fulfill my desire to contribute by giving meaning to my investment action.

The Josefa House as a result colours my life: economic and ethical; its meaning is revealed in all its glory. I offer and I receive. My investment becomes hospitality. At first an investor, I then become a creator of relationship, of insertion, of living together. Investing stands out as a new law where the return on investment is given to me without having to wait for the well calculated annuity. I can profit from my investment even before I collect my interest. The interest is in the very act of investing; because to invest with Josefa is to choose a mysteriously unlimited gain: that of the meaning given to my life!

A step has been taken. I have decided to go into the courtyard of unreasonableness. I am going to stop thinking only about me; I am going to exert myself for others, for the one who is foreign to me, whom I ignored or wanted to ignore, but I would not bear that he do the same towards me in identical circumstances where I would be the one who calls, the one who cries out for a contribution



How graciousness works

What if man’s most beautiful challenge was to turn his economic steps into paths of spirituality? …

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