Timetable: lest we forget...

Over time, this section will include events related to the Josefa Foundation. For now, one date to remember, the establishment of the Josefa Foundation: 15th June 2012.

Some upcoming dates :
- 18th December 2012 : International Migrants Day, an opportunity for the Josefa team to celebrate the richness and the need to share with the Other, the "foreigner";
- 31st December 2012 : end of the fiscal year;
20th June 2013: World Refugee Day, an opportunity for many celebrations throughout the world, and in Brussels in particular.

What about you? Any events related to migration, housing or integration that you would like to share? 
Tell us and we will share them not only with the Josefa Foundation but also with our readers, friends, and partners.


Last modified on Friday, 07 December 2012 17:18
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