«Since the beginning of talks about the creation of the JOSEFA Foundation, a close relationship has been established with Be.Face (an association of Brussels companies which act in practical ways against exclusion, discrimination and poverty). These exchanges indicate that, in due course, complementarities should be sought between the actions of the two associations. »

Marc Bronne – Be.Face

BNP Paribas Fortis

«Our wish is to be a partner in your exciting project».

Dominique Cuylen, BNP Paribas Fortis – Schuman Branch, Brussels

BoP Architecture

«The Josefa Foundation represents the reflection of a life, a turning point, a project, a programme and a real challenge for the design team. Any architectural project is a translation, but to translate is both to lose and to create, to die and to be reborn, to save the what is vital during a shipwreck in order to gain a foothold on virgin ground. »

Jean-Francois van der Plancke – BoP Architecture

Carmélites of St Joseph

« "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it." (He 13, 2) Rooted in the Land of the Carmel, a land ploughed by silence and by the Word of a God who loves all people, we want to be close to the world as it presents itself to us today with its burden of suffering and injustice, in the diversity of cultures, the fragility of people...

Since the project of the Josefa Foundation is deeply in tune with an evangelical reading of the signs of the times, we recognize in it a call to share the little that we have, that we are, in achieving this mission in the respect and the dignity of all human beings.

We believe that this walk together, in a mutual hospitality, will allow us to taste the beauty of our humanity which bears in the depths of its vulnerability the source of a boundless Love limite ».

Sr Anne-Marie Piron, Prioress General, Carmélites of St Joseph


«Convivial – a community movement for the inclusion of refugees, created by Belgians and refugees about 15 years ago – supports one thousand refugees every year in all the stages of their settling in Belgium (including access to housing) and the beginning of a new project of sustainable, social, professional and civic inclusion. An exploratory meeting allowed us to get a glimpse of the project that the Josefa Foundation intends to develop to foster the inclusion of refugees by offering them a first home. We are delighted at this prospect, in view of the very real difficulty which access to housing constitutes in the new life of refugees in Belgium and we are interested in continuing our contacts, depending on the specific directions the project will take. »

Bruno Gilain – Convivial

European SPES Forum

« A businessman once told me that a good entrepreneurial project requires at least three things : an innovative idea, a group of motivated people and a sufficient support of financial capital. I believe that The Josefa Foundation matches very well these criteria. There is an inspiring idea: approaching the migrant as a source of cultural and economic richness and giving him/her a concrete place to start an integration process ».

Luk Bouckaert, President of the European SPES Forum

German Chancellery

« The Federal Chancellery took note of the specificity of the Josefa vision connected to a migrating humanity and we are pleased for the support you are offering towards the current German politics in this field. Your incentive and your ideas have been acknowledged and welcomed by our office as a source of reflection on the important field of politics the Josefa Foundation is covering ».

On behalf of Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

Habitat and Humanism

«Habitat and Humanism (a charitable foundation) , a movement initiated by professionals in the construction sector with the purpose of creating a town with a human face, shares both in word and deed several areas which are dear to the heart of the Josefa foundation: housing, social inclusion, diversity, welcoming of vulnerable people, social economy, etc. The two foundations will perhaps be called on to collaborate, especially with the financial and technical arrangements associated with the selection of the Josefa House. »

Julie Rondier – Habitat and Humanism


«The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society. In this respect, and knowing how challenging it is to combine the individual expectations of migrants in finding a better life and the need to support receiving communities in integrating migrants in their societies, IOM Brussels welcomes the initiative of the JOSEFA Foundation. IOM particularly encourages the support to sustainable and equitable social inclusion of migrants that is driven by the JOSEFA Foundation ».

Pascal Reyntjens, IOM


«KAURI stimulates sustainable development through open dialogue and knowledge sharing between our members. KAURI is convinced of the importance of a responsible social management and of innovative partnerships in a changing world. The social responsibility of companies and organisations needs to mature and be integrated into the strategy, vision and core values. We believe that the Josefa Foundation shares these goals and can stimulate the reflection, in our network, of innovative and sustainable lifestyles and housing styles. ».

David Leyssens, Kauri.


«Through the Josefa project, PwC contributed, with its consultancy, financial and fiscal expertise, to an ambitious response to a large-scale societal challenge. »

Damien Dierickx – PwC

Russell Reynolds Associates

«Many people doing small things together can make a big difference».

Elisabeth Mertens, Russell Reynolds Associates.


«A project which is bigger than us Tamento means “together” in Esperanto. From its birth, at the beginning of the communal and open web, our team has preserved the values of universality, humanism and sharing which have created the new social spaces. Quite naturally, each one of us has been concerned both collectively and individually with the Josefa Foundation’s ambition. A team is a set of individuals who form a collective to bear ambitions greater than themselves. In the mission of the Foundation, we have found the energy to galvanise the group, tighten links, mobilise talents, to enable the team to surpass itself in carrying out a project which is even bigger than us. Individually, we also know that each of us carries within himself of herself memories of past experiences and feeds our projects with the wealth of personal migrations, whether geographical, social, philosophical or familial…. In the statement ‘’all are migrants’’, we saw the recognition of the paths which made us who we are. We understood and celebrated this simple idea, that each person deserves to continue his or her own path without dragging the unjust heaviness of a past, in the best conditions and with the best opportunities for self-fulfilment. »

Christophe Menani - Tamento


«A dignified reception of refugees is key to their successful integration in the hosting community. We follow with a lot of interest the mission of the Josefa Foundation and wish that they can obtain the support they need for helping those forced to leave their home to start a new life in the country of asylum ».

Paolo Artini, UNHCR Bruxelles


«Welcoming, hosting, accompanying refugees. How can you not subscribe to this ambitious mission, the Josefa house? In turn, we want to receive it, shelter it, consolidate it, according to our knowledge, our availability, our willingness to share." Pierre Ralet -- Upsilon, not-for-profit organisation ».

Pierre Ralet  - asbl Upsilon, not-for-profit organisation


"Grateful for your commitment to the people whom you are welcoming, the Pope assures you of his prayers, and blesses you with all his heart”.
Mgr Peter B. Wells, Assessor, Secretariat of State of the Vatican

Thanks from Josefa Foundation

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We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Gilbert Granjon
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Thus, just like your commitment to give material support to the Josefa Foundation, you will no doubt be happy to be able to share your relationship with the Josefa Foundation, with your family, your friends or your collaborators who are today sensitive to the richness of migration, for our present but also for the generations to come.

I remain at your entire disposal if you need any further information and I would like to thank you again for the confidence you have shown the Josefa Foundation.

With our very best wishes,

Gilbert Granjon Managing Director





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