Growing together

If I bring my stone to the Josefa building, I take an active part in its construction, I change my view of migration, I take part in the life of the other, of the foreigner through my welcoming contribution, I provide funding and I receive in return a property certificate or tax deduction; I take responsibility for all or part of the lodging expenses of a refugee resident or citizen. If I wish, I can also reflect on the issues of migration, housing, and inclusion, and possibly change my perspective, and even make a fair tax contribution to better grow together.

JOSEFA: an invitation to commit

Do I have a useful job? I think so. An employment with a fair salary? Yes. What do I lack then? To share that with those who are far from their country, looking at me with envy, respect, and as a role model and who today are here, in the flesh, in front of me. With a little goodwill and shared common sense. That being the case, I'm willing but I want a guarantee on my "return of investment", a guarantee that I'm not replacing the government. I'm willing but I do not want the one who came from elsewhere to depend solely on me, on my money. So I agree with the proposal and vision of the Josefa Foundation : I pledge to contribute!

Optimising our taxation

If I bring my stone to the Josefa building, I will enjoy tax benefits. But I enter, with others, in a necessary reflection on the role of taxation in a modern state which aims for a fair distribution of the tax burden between all actors of society, including refugees, which must promote "living together". Don't we have to dream of "a better world" in order to work at making it a reality?

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