I become a volunteer

Getting involved, being committed, committing my life

This is what the Josefa Foundation is offering me: in other words, to become a kind of "migrant" to myself, a temporary "refugee", from time to time.
But this invitation is not just that of Josefa Foundation or that of its employees. It is above all the gift of those who have had to migrate, mostly against their will, against the course of their history, and of those who should experience a liberating migration in our European countries, but in actual fact find themselves prisoners of the arbitrariness that exists in our societies.
Isn't it simply this, the mission of the Josefa Foundation, the strength of our commitment: allowing the "walls of bureaucracy" to be overcome, the walls of our indifference to disappear with words, and to take away the power of these "walls" over us?
Commitment thus becomes a source of commitment. Josefa is also this deep desire that it is still possible to renew our perception, together, to build, to offer another present to future generations ... Everything is possible, nothing is impossible for people of goodwill.
To serve, to serve each other, to serve ourselves is to see the other and one's self as another possibility, one whose birth was witnessed by the earth, just like ours, no more no less. Committing means living, together, an un-expected fruitfulness, the fruitfulness of hope.

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