I am a donor

I give ... therefore I am

I use my time, my money, to be close to what I am not or more, or maybe even a little: a migrant, a refugee. In this regard, some of us will make a donation in the form of liberality - with or without return receipt requested fiscal1 - while others will contribute their love "exchange" against use sustainable real estate (title or right) or temporary (time share). I give and therefore I am, I am, and I get one for whom access to the House Josefa is authentic (by the exercise of a right in rem), for oneself or for another self, a refugee .

Thus, the House proposal Josefa lies at the crossroads of space (real estate), time (right of residence) and our financial contribution to me, to us, contributors or residents.

To you, our contributors, the Josefa Foundation would like to guarantee the right esthetic, ethical and economic opportunity for you to participate in the construction and equipping of the Josefa House.

Each one should be able to aim at enhancing the value of his/her human and financial contribution in a sustainable way.

Thus, the Josefa House becomes the heart of the exchange relationship between the parties. The monetarisation of the “housing space” is given in units of “square meters” or in units of “time share”.  Accordingly, the proposal of the Josefa Foundation is found at the crossroads of the Josefa House space (real property rights), the length of the stay (personal right of residence – time/day) and your contribution (resources/taxation), whether you are a contributor or a resident.

The Josefa Foundation makes a proposal to you, the contributors, either for your own account (personal, family or corporate…) or so that you can sponsor some refugees. For example, as a symbolic proposal for participation :

  • “100 euros” for a week of “time share” in Josefa House 
    This proposal is made in the following manner: a contribution of “100 euros” is equivalent to 10 “grains of sand” (acquisition of time for oneself or others), up to a contribution of “1,000 euros”, which represents “a brick” (on which eventually it will be possible to print a signature, logo, photo or video).
  • Accordingly, the Josefa Foundation could eventually offer the key of Josefa House to all providers of “10,000 euros” (which is equivalent to one year’s “enjoyment” of the property).  Thus, a refugee, holding assets, could acquire six months’ residence for “5,000 euros” or just a few weeks (on the basis of “100 euros”) with the possibility of recovering his/her capital (minus the management fees) on departure and, in this way, demonstrating the civic desire to become a “real property” actor and to assume a “taxation” role2.
  • As for contributors of “100,000 euros”, they will be given, if they so desire, the key to their Josefa accommodation, on the basis of a real right for a fixed term.  (This contribution would then have to be matched with a donation of 100,000 euros.)

In the same way, the possibility of a contribution of “10 euros” is not excluded. It represents a symbolic gesture of hospitality worth one day, for oneself, one’s family, for a refugee, or for the Foundation.

Accordingly, the measurement unit of “time” (component of history, memory, life) will be the grain of “10 euros”, a “ Josefa day”.  From 10 to 100,000 euros, everyone is invited to experience hospitality and to fulfill their deeply-held desire: giving themselves and others the luxury of time.

Each one of us can take part in this great adventure: the “Josefa House”.

The Josefa Foundation undertakes to allocate your donations to the construction or equipping of the Josefa House. In case the project does not go through or in the case of the dissolution of the Foundation, in accordance with the Statutes, the net assets from the liquidation will be allocated to a disinterested purpose as close as possible to the aim of the Foundation.  This allocation will respect the decision of the Founders to allocate the assets of the Foundation as a priority to any non-profit organisation with the same disinterested aims as the Foundation.

The information collected is necessary for the management of your donation. It will be used for data processing by the administrative department of Josefa Foundation. In accordance with the Privacy Protection Act, you have the right to access, rectify and delete your personal data.  If you wish to exercise this right, please write to us at the following address:

Josefa Foundation 

Rue des Drapiers 26

1050 Brussels (Belgium)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1Such a request is for the moment only meant for inhabitants not fiscally registered in Belgium.

2To this day, in the framework of the TGE network (Transnational Giving Europe), only the donors fiscally registered in one of the partner countries (Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland and United Kingdom) can support the Josefa Foundation and benefit from the fiscal deductions foreseen by their home country legislation (cf. www.transnationalgiving.eu). 

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