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A house in the heart of Brussels: Josefa

The Josefa House will be a beautiful, friendly and sustainable dwelling place. It will be located in a Brussels commune whose public, health and social environment will promote the inclusion of end users, without compromising the quality of life of the surrounding communities.

The Josefa House will invite respect and a sense of wonder :

  • respect for the spirit of the house,
  • mutual respect from the residents,
  • a sense of wonder, through face-to-face exchanges with others, their history, culture or spiritual roots.

In the spirit of reciprocity, with the host remaining an "other", between beneficiaries and stakeholders, the Josefa House will experiment "living together" and will experience the challenge of accompanying each other in a process of inclusion. 

Housing: the key to ethical and sustainable inclusion

The Josefa House offers, for a period ranging from a few weeks to six months, quality housing, an ethical and sustainable inclusion factor, for fifty refugees. It also offers thirty accommodations to other people willing to share the experience and responsibility of community living:

  • company employees,
  • volunteers,
  • students,
  • interns…

Is it a social adventure? Yes, but it is more than that. It is a civic and human adventure: the courage of "living together" by choice, with others, enriched by the encounter with others in their uniqueness. A political and civic reflection, in our research centre, on issues of migration, housing and social inclusion.

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