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Our cantus firmus: a change of perspective

The initiators of the Josefa Foundation have gathered around their daring project a multidisciplinary team of volunteers and staff with various experiences and skills. They also called on a significant number of professionals who bring their expertise and advice in specific areas: migration, asylum, socio-economic inclusion, project management, taxation, architecture, law, communication and fundraising... The voices and instruments are in harmony with each other, forming a cantus firmus and changing our perspective.


Our organisation: acting according to our gifts

Under the authority of a six-member Board (including three experts on migration and asylum) chaired by Gilbert Granjon, a technical committee was set up along four axes: operational / IT-communication; human resources; finance and administration; and fundraisingThe multidisciplinary project team is carried along by the Josefa spirit, in which collaborators, employees and volunteers commit themselves through a code of ethics which seeks a communion of gifts offering more than what each individual would be just by themselves.


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