A timely and guaranteed investment: house and migration

The stock exchange indexes measure the value of flows or exchanges in our world. But what indicator can measure human movement, without which nothing would be? For beyond the working capital and intellectual abilities, isn't the richness of interpersonal relations and of cultural and spiritual exchanges the supreme value?
The arrival of refugees is challenging us :

  • what is the added value of their migration, their inclusion?
  • As a timely and guaranteed investment, will we welcome it?

We hope so, for that is what the Josefa House proposes to do: to enhance the value of migration.


I acquire resources and recognition

Family business or international group, can I still ignore the delicate richness of refugees in my world? Besides, what is the value of my business? Who or what is it based on? On which markets or valuations? Beyond the models that have been around for the last few decades, what about the values of the refugees, those who came from elsewhere, those who can work with me? What do they believe in? What do we really believe in? Do we believe in salvation through the private sector? Or should we welcome the creative and liberating upheaval of our valuation, this wind that comes from somewhere else? Should we collaborate with the Josefa Foundation to build, alongside refugees, this cooperative business while acquiring human resources and fair recognition?

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