Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethics and economics: the social value of taking responsibility

It is true that our world is dominated by the pursuit of profit and consequently is under pressure to achieve its financial goals. It is therefore logical to ask how to reconcile the economic performance with the "social profitability" that are expected by the co-investors in Josefa House . Assuming one's responsibilities by hiring refugees with equal skills, is it not the proper way to promote the growth of the social (or even economic) capital of a national or international company?
That is food for thought.
That is why the Josefa Foundation invites you to take social responsibility without borders, by combining ethics and economy to help your company and refugees at the same time.


Beyond social performance: the intercultural aspects

Businesses, entrepreneurs: how can you be more of a patron? By letting yourself be challenged by a project aimed at serving refugees, by an "other" Foundation that invites you to discover new horizons, those of the unknown, the entry into the unexpected. Indeed, social performance can be understood not only as a goal, but also as a journey where we support one another, at the risk of cross-cultural encounter and cross-fertilization.

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